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Characters: Basic Guidelines

We have decided that due to the huge number of characters people are creating, we are going to limit the amount a person can have. This will NOT effect the characters that have already been created as it would be kinda rude to take characters away from a person but from now on you can only have four characters with one per category.

The four catagories are:
1) Hunter
2) Hunted
3) Innocent
4) Special which is any character that is going to show up for up to three episodes a season but is a hunter or someone we can't consider an innocent

Once you have one of each you can't create another until one of your characters either dies or you decide you want to retire them and not play them anymore. Once that happens a spot is open and you can create another one.

If you have any questions about this, comment below. 

All right, so you figured out you want in your character, right? Well, now you gotta figure out if you're okay with what WE want in your character. Below are what you can expect of how many episodes, what we want to see, etc, etc.

First and foremost are our hunters. These are the main characters and they will be in every single episode. Each one has a backstory (maybe one a season if we all play our cards right and have creative streaks), and alternately, they'll be the ones to save the day. If you're a hunter you're expected to be around to post and often, and if two weeks go by without a post or even word from you, you're placed in the hiatus section as this is a fast paced RP.

These are the bad guys of the story. They're not expected to be in every episode, but they are expected to be around frequently to cause trouble for the protagonists. After all, you can't have hunters if theres nothing to hunt, right? Depending on what they are, they may or may not get a backstory.

An innocent character is ideal if you have limited time on your hands. They make their first appearance in an episode and it's often centered around a problem they face. After that, they are limited to one appearance a season (unless we work a plot for you, but that's no where near guaranteed, so don't count on it) because we like them enough to keep them around, but they ARE innocents, and therefore won't be needed more then the every now and then visit.

These characters are here for cameos. If you ever wanted to play any character from the show Supernatural, they would fall into this category. Likewise, in order for us to flesh out our world a bit, there are options to create hunters that show up from time to time (at this current point in time the idea is three episodes a season, perhaps more if the story presents itself). This option is ideal for those that have limited time to roleplay, but would still like a hunting character. Backstories are based on plot and admin discretion.

Again, any questions about characters can be asked below. All admissions are to be made on the actual Supernatural Haven site.



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