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Supernatural Haven: The Website

"Let me tell you a story about a family of supernatural hunters. Two brothers destined to walk in the shadows, who travel the land fighting evil, and protect those who can't protect themselves. Their journey is a lonely one, but they are not alone. There ARE more of us."

The overall plot of this board, you may be wondering, is an RPG set to follow the world of hunters (via the tv show Supernatural). To put it simply: we're in the realm of the Winchesters, but we're not centered around them. Someone may play them if they wish, along with Ellen, Jo, and Ash (and anyone on the show who happens to be living), but our stories aren't going to follow the Winchesters strictly, they'll just be hunters that show up same as everyone else.

The big yellow eyed demon is a main protagonist and will show up from time to time because one thing we will be stealing from the show is "the children". This will be a main plot that will make itself known from, as previously stated, time to time. 

1. Swearing
Swearing is something every one does and its a part of everyday life now, and when your roleplaying sometimes swearing is just required, especialy for this roleplay. This is why we will not be imposing any major swearing rules apart from please do not use it to attack members, etc.

2. Members
Please respect EVERY member of this forum. We're all here to have fun, chat, and participate in what will hopefully be some cool Supernatural roleplays. So please keep your posts civil and if you have a problem with a member do not make it a public thing. See if you can over come it via PM or MSN.

3. Godmoding
If this is your first time roleplaying, godmoding means presuming another roleplayer's actions, etc to what is happening. This is really anoying and we would like it if you didnt do it.
Although some times when there are chat dialogs between several people and not many actions we dont mind if you roleplay that part in an IM conversation and then agree for one member of the roleplay to post it with your full disscusion and everything.

4. No double posting or spamming!
If you forgot to say something in what you just posted, use the edit button. Spamming is also forbidden (which stands for Short Pointless Annoying Messages, in case you weren't sure what SPAM was), so please, don't post multiple topics about the same thing or multiple times in a row in the same topic. This also includes spamming multiple accounts.

5. How to format your post
Here at SN Haven, we prefer you to make your posts a certain way. Reading through the past entries or even current rp could tell you what it is, but in case you don't want to do that, its simply that was ask you put your dialogue in bold when coming from your character, and italics when coming from anyone else. That way, its easier for everyone to tell who's saying what.

6. If you wait....
If you do not post within one week of being accepted/allowed to post, then your character will be booted. Its just we have far too many people wanting powers/female hunters that we can't fill up those spaces with people that just aren't going to be around.

This doesn't mean your account will be deleted or that you can never post here again. It simply means that your profile will have to be re-submitted and accepted before you can.

7. Disappearances
On the same note as the rule above, we have another rule, and that is that if you go two weeks without posting or telling us you'll be gone, your character will, likewise, be booted. Sorry, guys, but it just isn't fair if you're around all the time (or not) and don't post. It keeps people waiting, and really? That pisses people off.

Again, though, this isn't saying you can never post again. It simply means you'll have to re-submit and await acceptance before you can.



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