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Supernatural Haven

There are more of us

Supernatural Haven: There are more of us out there
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A community for an off-site Roleplay community based on CW's Supernatural.
There's a Storm Coming: The Website
"Let me tell you a story about a family of supernatural hunters. Two brothers destined to walk in the shadows, who travel the land fighting evil, and protect those who can't protect themselves. Their journey is a lonely one, but they are not alone. There ARE more of us."

The overall plot of the board, you may be wondering, is an RPG set to follow the world of hunters (via the tv show Supernatural). To put it simply: we're in the realm of the Winchesters, but we're not centered around them. Someone may play them if they wish, along with Ellen, Jo, and Ash (and anyone on the show who happens to be living), but our stories aren't going to follow the Winchesters strictly, they'll just be hunters that show up same as everyone else.

The big yellow eyed demon is a main protagonist and will show up from time to time because one thing we will be stealing from the show is "the children". This will be a main plot that will make itself known from, as previously stated, time to time. Currently, our timeline is set mid-season two.
The Point and Premise: The Community
In order to expand on the characters created over at SPN Haven, some of us have decided to make livejournals to answer prompts to better get to know them. To expand outside the "episodes".
General Rules
The biggest rule is that in order to answer the prompts and post them HERE, you must have a character over at the RP site. That's where the action happens. There's no point in having a character here but not there.

Otherwise its the general code of conduct. Be respectful, don't break the TOS of LJ. Don't be nasty to each other.
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